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Monday November 12, 2018
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Super Ferment is a platform for all the research and information on fermented nutrition. It includes the latest research on fermentation processes such as kefir and kombucha, research on fermented herbs and foods and their therapeutic potential, information on whole-food probiotics and micro-biotics, plus advice on supporting the human microbiome naturally. Please also join us on Twitter and Facebook for some more light hearted material.


The founder and formulator

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Graham Botfield

Graham has 14 years experience as a practitioner and 11 years experience as a college tutor and lecturer. He has also represented some of the most well renowned international food supplement brands including New Chapter and Country Life as their Head of Education in the UK. Graham has been awarded the CAM award Outstanding Contribution to the Community through his non-profit mentoring service Natural Health Practitioners (www.naturalhealthpractitioners.org) with a following of over 2,000. He is the founder and formulator of Living Nutrition, the world's first range of kefir-kombucha fermented whole-food supplements (www.livingnutrition.co.uk)