Tuesday June 25, 2024
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We all know how important your gut flora is to your health. What is under debate is how best to support and optimise your flora. The 2 opposing views are either ingest billions of a few micro-organisms, with the hope they will reach the intestines and have a positive action, or follow the fermented food approach of our ancestors to provide a complete and natural ecosystem. Fermented foods provide the critical support mechanisms to support your unique gut flora. It is essential to create the correct environment, support colonisation and provide the correct drivers for bio-diversity for full and balanced gut flora. Here is the latest research supporting the natural approach to a healthy gut flora.


Changes of the human gut Microbiome induced by a fermented milk product

'In conclusion, our study sheds light on the potential of the bacteria conveyed by fermented milks to stimulate synthesis of beneficial metabolites and decrease abundance of pathobionts. These modifi- cations can potentially improve health and are thus of importance for public health recommendations in western countries. It indicates that the role of food-ingested bacteria in gut homeostasis has been under-estimated, possibly because of methodological limitations that can, today, be overcome. Elucidation of the intricate links between food ingested microbes and human symbionts can thus be addressed.'


 Food microbiology, 2014

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